Hmm, if I took all the erasers in this class and moulded them into a boomerang – like shape, built a superstrong machine and catapulted it into the outer universe, it predictably getting into a black hole, would it come back? -I thought to myself while not paying attention to what the art teacher was  saying.

Suddenly I felt a hard object hit the back of my head. It was a red eraser. I liked red, it always had a mystical effect on me.

The classroom was getting louder and I didn’t understand why the teacher didn’t do anything. I heard some innapropriate and personal things being said a little too loud for it’s good. I turned around and nobody’s lips were moving. God, am I a mind reader or did everyone just get a Stephen Hawking talking machine while I wasn’t looking? I was confused, but mostly amused. I’m a real life comicbook character. I accepted this abnormal idea very fast, it’s my life long goal afterall.

After a brief minute of brainstorming I needed to use this in my favour. I asked more questions than usual to my colleagues and they’re all goddamn liars. Predictable. Also some people hate me, again predictable. Perhaps I’m a supervillain then. And the best thing is that nobody knows, agent Hana in disguise.

Hana Vidaković


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